The advancing of technology is playing an important role for kids too, just see them using consoles, PCs, MP3-Players and smartphones to realize how much. Nevertheless, all kids still pay attention to simple entertainment vehicles. It would be hard to find a child who, for example, refuses a ride on a mini train that puffs, whistles and rings  in a shopping center, amusement park, tourist resort or city center.
FUN EXPRESS is well aware of this, and for the last 5 years has been manufacturing these mini trains.
FUN EXPRESS trains are made using special water-resistant laminated plywood, while the window frames, seats and accessories in the wagons are solid pine wood. On ceilings and other parts special paint is used to increase durability and the floors in the wagons are coated with special scratch-proof, non-slip paint.
FUN EXPRESS train's music and lighting systems are provided as standard. With the sound and lighting system in wagons, passengers spend a pleasant time. The steam engine is optional, with one touch of the conductor, steam rises through the chimney, offers a visual feast.
FUN EXPRESS trains are trackless and have a short turning radius. They can make an U-turn within a range of 5.5 m.
FUN EXPRESS trains can carry up to  25 small children or up to 19 adults and children.
FUN EXPRESS trains are aesthetic, quiet and safe. They can be operated both indoors and outdoors and therefore are the ideal entertainmant tools for shopping malls, city parks, amusement parks, hotels and resorts.
Ride on the FUN EXPRESS with your mind at peace, because ...
 is equipped with a whistle warning system and a brake system that works parallel to the conductors foot movements.
 Sensors positioned in the front of the locomotive detect objects at certain distances, slow down or stop the train entirely.
 The connection parts between the wagons are solid and strong. Nets are placed between wagons to keep people from crossing.
 Doors and locks are specially designed to prevent children from crushing their fingers.
 The speed of the train is limited to 6.4 km/h, which is walking speed.
 FUN EXPRESS trains offer a 2 year warranty